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Whether you are trying to get over a failure that brought you to your knees, build your first business, figure out how to have the best frikin relationship, become an astronaut or be the best stay at home parent, whatever that THING is that is burning inside you, I am here and living proof that you CAN go from where you are today to living the life you actually want! And yes, I said the life you want! YOU! Not what other people tell you. Not what you think you "should do". But truly the thing you dream about when your eyes are closed and you are all alone. You CAN have that. Now I'm not gonna lie, it aint gonna be easy. But I'm saying it IS possible and I'm right here cheering you on homie!

I would have flat out called you a liar if you had told me at the age of 14 that this is where I would be today! That this woefully insecure greek girl who was teased for her nose, unibrow, head brace and ridiculously long greek name would one day be talking about confidence. Confidence! Me? Saaaaay whaaaat?!!! My self dialogue can be VERY negative, and sometimes, that negativity plays on repeat... like a broken record. The negative loop just keeps playing and playing can’t. change. the bloody channel! Yep…. It’s stuck on What Did I Do Wrong Today FM. playing in surround sound. Dolby… surround sound! And that mindset, that thinking is exactly what kept me living an utterly mundane existence. It's what kept me as a profoundly unhappy stay at home wife for 8 years! It's what kept me from going after that dream. Ah who am I kidding, it kept me from trying anything let alone going for something as audacious as my dream!

So if you want to know how I went from that insecure, mildly dyslexic girl to where I am today… writing a frikin book and STILL evolving… then sign up today!! Jump on board the “Lisa Hasn't Got A Clue How To Write A Book But is Doing It Anyway Express way” and come along with me in real time on this journey to see all the failures, stumbles, decisions and lessons! I aint gonna lie… it’s not going to be easy. Its never going to be straight forward. It's going to be messy. It's going to be tough. Bloody hard. Challenging. Exciting. It’s a total trip! But if you’re willing to go for a ride… All aboard!

Shout Outs from the Girl Gang

Lisa Bilyeu is not "the next Oprah", she is the FIRST Lisa - And we need that origina - Thank God for women of impact created by this extraordinary woman, to help US to become extraordinary women of impact in our own lives, around the world.
Dr. Elena Shirley, DVM, CVA, MA
I really needed to hear this video, thank you so much. This was so inpsiring and motivating. Now I really feel like I can push past my fears/others expectations and just go for what I want for myself.
Tawnie Lucas
Thank you soooo much for your inpsiring content Lisa! You are wonderful and I appreciate how raw and honest you always are - very inspiring!!!
Iss Happy
I love you so much as a soul Lisa. Seriously so blown away again by your videos by your authenticity and ability to non judgmentally connect to those on your show and bring out the best authenticity in them...who then share their best with us the viewers! You have an amazing gift yoru unselfishly sharing with the world and you are such a gift to us mortals!! Thank you!!!
Colleen Holthe

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